lørdag 8. mars 2008

Welcome to Diginalet

Welcome to Diginalet. My real name is Jeanette Tranberg, but I am for some known as Kita Coage. I'm proud to announce that I am - since aug. 2009 - one of 300 employees at Thor Heyerdahl Secondary School where I work in the administration and office dep. - in team student organization. I will be supporting teachers in the use of pedagogical administrative application (LMS (It'sLearning) and will be maintaining other different programs for student documentation, timetables, planning and organizing.

Teaching days are over, for now at least, but I will still be a part of the educational system. I really look forward to learn new applications and get to know new colleagues, and the administrative part of education. I feel very fortunate to be at Thor Heyerdahl, which is a brand new - Europe most modern - school, opening the 17th of august 2009. For more about Thor Heyerdal vgs >>
THVS 2009

About Diginalet:

Summer of 2006, after finishing teachers education with specializing in ICT in education, I started Diginalet in a need for, and a as a continuation of my student portfolio. The name: Diginalet - det digitale pennalet is a creative word. Pennal is the Norwegian name for: pencil house. Diginal is a blend of the Norwegian word digital and pencil house, in other words it's semantic meaning is: a collection of tools and resources for use in education and life long learning.

Diginalet consists of different sites and 1 virtual office, each with to or more web pages. Each web page has links to relevant resources, and I mainly use them for self development in communication and sharing with other teachers from around the world.

Diginalet - Det digitale pennalet is the main blog where I use Blogger as a platform. Posts on this blog, usually find their way to the 9 different categories (which each has their own blog-entrance) you will find them all in the main menu: Blogging, Wikis, Podcasting, Digitelling, Web 2'ls ,Web Design, Portfolio, Games and Second Life. I also tag every post with one of the 8 categories. At first, my blogging on Blogger actually where an experiment on how to use blog as a tool for student portfolios. This is why I created different categories, each with their own menu of valuable resources that I have picked up on my Bloglines account by reading other blogs.

Diginalet - Fag (which means subject in Norwegian :) is another experiment on using Wordpress as a tool for the collection of resources within the different subjects. Norwegian elementary teachers like myself, usually teach a number of subjects, and if you - like I used to - practice stunt teaching (substituting), resources like this come in handy when there is no time planning. ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) is not a subject in the Norwegian curriculum, but one of the five basic skills that are embedded in all subjects - just like reading and writing, engslish and math (from the reform of 2006).

Diginalet Workshop is a wiki with links to resources I have used in some workshops I've held on: Web 2.0 and the use of ICT in education. So far, not that many, hopefully there will be some more to come. If you would like to get in touch with me for a workshop, you can e-mail me on: jeatr@online.no c",)

Diginalet - on Second Life is a virtual office right in the middle of an exciting virtual education environment in SL. Teachers from all over the globe gathers to exchange best practices and to discus the challenges we meet on a daily basis. I believe the use of technology can open doors - it certainly have for me at least, and I'm very excited about this latest project. Diginalet in SL will hopefully be a place where I can continue to grow and learn amongst the worlds greatest educators on technology in education that inspires me everyday with their sharing. I you'd like to walk with us, you can subscribe to Diginalet - det digitale pennalet.

Del og bruk i Second Life, is a ning group for Norwegian teachers who want to share their best practice in virtual worlds.

I'm also a docent at ISTE in Second Life, every monday from:
  • 21:00 - 22:00 (summertime)
  • 22:00 - 23:00 (wintertime)

I hope you enjoy Diginalet here, there or anywhere, and you are welcome to contact me any time. I'll respond as quick as I can. If you want to more about me as a person, you can view my Myers Briggs or look in the menu on the right for diffent ways to connect.

Kind regards: